Bright Side of the Pandemic for EDU Effective Students

Covid-19 pandemic has affected all areas of human life. We have all had to deal with repeated lockdowns and restrictions. Many of us have had to deal with serious health or existential problems such as losing or changing jobs. We wonder if COVID-19 has also brought some pros.

The coronavirus crisis has definitely brought a lot of changes. Now the course of the pandemic signals the beginning of a permanent change. Permanent changes in the way we live and work, which doesn’t always mean something bad.

So, that is why in recent weeks we have asked EDU Effective students what positives they have found.

And the Result?

Among other things, the current situation has given them more space for personal development and education.
More time to study and its higher intensity means that adult working students for whom the MBA, LL.M. and DBA programs are prepared, need less time to finish. The total period of study thus decreased from the original 10-12 months to the current 5-6 months on average, even with better study results than during longer studies.
Test results for MBA and LL.M. in EDU Effective improved from an average of 82% to 89%.

Students Give Some Examples of Reasons for Faster Completion of Their Studies (students could choose more answers):

• Better organization of work at home than in the office – 89%

• More time thanks to the home office (saving time on the way to and back from work, more personal space, and flexibility) – 84%

• To meet your long-term goal, graduate with an MBA or LL.M. – 79%

More free time for study meant that our students could complete even more daily blocks during one day, thus shortening the length of their studies, and they could start using the knowledge and skills for their work, for creating various projects or, for example, setting up their own Start-Up.

They’ve also learned to invest their time in personal development and continuing education, which we consider as one of the main goals of our institution. Without continuous self-development, knowledge and skills quickly disappear and must be constantly renewed.

What Reasons Do Students Most Often Say for Choosing EDU Effective? (Students could again choose from more options)

1. Price and the value of the study – 95%

2. Method of study in the form of micro-learning (15-minute daily study blocks) – 89%

3. Possibility of a time flexibility of study – 86%

4. Study price – 85%

5. Possibility to choose study specialization – 83%

6. A welcome change in the current stereotype (work or private) – 81%

7. Communication speed from EDU Effective – 72%

8. Personal light “at the end of the tunnel” caused by a pandemic, lockdowns, and related existential problems – 71%

We are very happy that students are interested in our programs which bring them an effective form of personal development. All our students from more than 35 world countries (as of July 2021) and applicants can look forward to further and new benefits of the study that we plan!

If you want to become one of our EDU Effective students, learn new knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your goals, do not hesitate to sign up.

Also, you do not risk anything by studying at EDU Effective Business School. Try it for 14 days and if you don’t like it, we’ll refund you 100% of the price.

We look forward to welcoming you soon among our students and later graduates of the EDU Effective online educational programs, so you can enjoy all the benefits for your career and life.


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