Ladies, Join the Ranks of Female Leaders Thanks to Professional Effective MBA Education

In our previous article, we addressed the underrepresentation of female leaders in Europe, where their representation accounts for 30%, in leadership positions, yet only 19% when it comes to position at the executive level of company decision-makers. In today’s article, we will explore how studying a professional Effective MBA course can help women acquire desired competencies, enhance their prestige in the business world, achieve their career goals, and overcome obstacles on the path to success.

TIP! According to a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), over 75% of graduates who complete the professional MBA courses receive promotions during their careers.

Why Are Professional MBA Courses Beneficial?

Receiving a professional MBA certificate is not only a great achievement but also a highly respected way to confirm your gained knowledge. Obtaining such certificates presents an excellent opportunity for women to advance in their careers and become a part of corporate leadership. Women who decide to pursue a professional MBA course gain a strong professional foundation and practical skills that are crucial for successful leadership and organizational management.

TIP! Listen to the story of our student, Karen Hartley, a company director, and learn how she evaluates our professional education courses at EDU Effective.

1. Acquiring Business Skills

The Effective MBA course offers a wide range of practically oriented professional knowledge in fields such as marketing, finance, coaching, strategic planning, and many other areas. Students have the opportunity to deepen their existing knowledge or gain new knowledge in areas of their interest (learn more about our 13 Effective MBA specializations).

2. Building Confidence and Networks

Professional MBA courses also provide women with an opportunity to build their self-confidence and establish their position within often patriarchal-oriented organizations. Additionally, they can expand their professional networks through networking or collaborative work. At EDU Effective, all students have the opportunity to connect with people from more than 89 countries through our networking groups, thus forging important connections and creating a supportive environment for further business successes.

TIP! Did you know that we donate 25 EUR from each tuition fee to various nonprofit organizations? In total, thanks to our students we have already donated over 45,000 EUR.

3. Gaining Recognition and Trust

Obtaining a professional MBA certificate confirms your abilities and qualifications for higher leadership positions. This prestigious achievement overcomes biases that gender plays a role in successful and effective organizational leadership. Women who completed a professional MBA course not only receive recognition for their skills but they also gain self-assurance and strength to overcome barriers on their professional journey. Please see an example of a completion certificate that you will receive as a proof of your gained knowledge.

TIP! Studying doesn’t have to mean evenings and weekends spent in university classrooms. At EDU Effective, our students learn exclusively online through the effective microlearning method.

4. Overcoming Biases

Professional MBA education is an investment in the future and can be a crucial tool for achieving equality and balance in the business world. Ladies, do not hesitate to embark on the path to taking your skills up a notch and fill the ranks of female leaders, which are significantly lower compared to other countries. Your professionalism, knowledge, and skills contribute to building an equitable and inclusive environment where your contributions and abilities are recognized.

Effective MBA Courses from EDU Effective

At EDU Effective, we offer professional Effective MBA courses that are 100% conducted online, without any deadlines or the need to attend university in person. In short, you have the opportunity to study according to your own time possibilities. Moreover, thanks to the microlearning method, you will study for just 15 minutes a day, which allows you to dedicate more time to your family or any other activities that bring you joy.

Currently, we have over 5,000 students and graduates from 89 countries. The education is based on the most up-to-date content from academic teachers and industry experts. Additionally, thanks to our nonprofit institution, volunteering, cheaper licenses, the use of quality resources (LinkedIn Learning, BookBoon, YouTube, TedX, etc.), and our long-standing knowledge in the field of online education, we offer significantly lower tuition fees, starting at 695 EUR.

Microlearning education with EDU Effective Business School is an innovative and effective way to acquire new knowledge. With its flexibility, compact learning, and interactive experiences, it is an ideal choice for adults who aspire to advance their careers, strengthen their positions within existing organizations and in the job market, and expand their knowledge. Don’t wait any longer and start studying today.


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