EDU Effective helps women returning to the workforce after maternity leave

At EDU Effective, we uphold strong family values. In addition to enabling mothers to return to the workforce through reduced working hours, we also support them in furthering their education while on maternity and parental leave. It’s a simple equation for us: a happy mom equals a happy child.

Education during parental leave

The OECD statistics from 2021 states that highly educated mothers have an employment rate of 83% across the OECD. On the other hand, only 70% of mothers with medium education and 47% of mothers with low education had paid work.

Education during parental leave has a positive impact on parents, their children, and society as a whole. In addition to personal development, which boosts parents’ self-confidence, it provides them a competitive advantage in the job market.

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At EDU Effective, online education is one of the paths to maintaining a connection with the working world while allowing mothers to enjoy motherhood fully. Online education helps maintain mental freshness, which positively influences overall family dynamics.

Parenthood vs. employment: change lies at the tip of the hand

Being a parent is a full-time job in itself. Balancing family, work, and education can be challenging, but we strive to make it easier for mothers. Women – especially mothers – are true superheroes who excel at multitasking. Family care is their top priority, but sometimes, they forget to care for themselves, and that’s what we aim to change.

Even mothers on maternity leave need time for themselves and personal development. You may not enjoy dedicating yourself solely to the routine care of your family; you might want to pursue something else from time to time. That’s where we can help.

Did you know that four out of ten parents agree that women and men have an equal right to build their careers? At EDU Effective, we wholeheartedly embrace this belief.

European Commission states that the gender pay gap ranges from 5% to 18% across EU countries. One of the reasons behind this fact is that women often spend more hours on unpaid work (that includes parental leave and taking care of children), and this also affects their career choices.

An interesting fact is that fathers are not affected in the same way. In many cases, a child’s birth positively influences their career, such as automatic salary increases at work.

Having the opportunity for personal development and education during maternity leave made my return to the job market much easier.

Meet Radka, a mother of a four-year-old. She is part of the marketing team at EDU Effective, responsible for content creation and influencer marketing. Determined, she focused on raising her son while pursuing personal development in marketing. Flexible and accessible online education enabled her to secure a part-time marketing position, which she could balance with her son’s care. Her story illustrates that early efforts toward self-improvement can facilitate a smooth return to the workforce.

“Even before starting maternity / parental leave, I wanted to focus on raising my son and myself. I felt the desire to change my field. Working in events, my previous role did not align with my vision of work-life balance.”

The early decision to invest in myself while still at home with my son played a significant role in my ability to re-enter the workforce easily. I’m incredibly fortunate that my husband and I have flexible employment, allowing us to share childcare equally. Additionally, we have a strong support system within our family, for which I am immensely grateful.”

Studying at EDU Effective Business School – The Ideal Opportunity for Mothers

At EDU Effective Business School, we focus on providing premium services to our students, including ongoing support from our academic advisors. We create flexible educational programs that each mother can customize according to her needs and time constraints.

Studying at EDU Effective Business School offers mothers on maternity leave the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills immediately applicable to their careers and provides space for relaxation and mental rejuvenation. Learning and education can significantly relax and escape from everyday routine tasks.

Benefits of Studying at EDU Effective

#1 Flexibility and Convenience: Our courses are 100% online and designed to study from the comfort of your home at your convenience. You can dedicate time to your education while your children are asleep or during the evenings. Our study programs are accessible from mobile devices, providing maximum flexibility and control over your learning process.

#2 Worry-Free Financing: Maternity leave can impact your finances. Therefore, we offer the option of 12 interest-free installments, allowing you to study without worrying about your budget. Additionally, we announce scholarship programs twice a year, offering up to 50% financial assistance for studying at EDU Effective. With us, you can pursue education without financial stress and invest in your future.

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#3 Microlearning Approach: The microlearning method is ideal for adult learners. Research shows that learning in short modules increases information retention by 25-60%. Our goal is to help you succeed. With us, you can continue your education effectively and stress-free, no matter how much free time you have.

#4 Opportunity for Career Change: If your current field no longer excites you, and you feel it’s time for a change or even starting your own business, EDU Effective can help. Our programs enable you to develop new skills and gain the knowledge needed for a new career.

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Dr. Pavel Makovský, founder of EDU Effective, talks about the Benefits of Employing Mothers on Maternity Leave

“Many mothers often feel the need to change something, to focus on something beyond their home and to develop in areas that interest them. Studying or working at EDU Effective Business School can give them new directions, inspiration, and meaningful social engagement. Besides feeling more productive, they can gain a sense of pride and satisfaction from continuous personal development and contributing to the overall development of society. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Overview of Study Programs and Specializations at EDU Effective

At EDU Effective, we offer a selection of 16 MBA specializations. Here’s an overview:

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