Are you Afraid of Studying in English? Read this!

Are you not sure whether your level of English will be enough for you to start studying MBA, LL.M., or DBA? You are not a native speaker or fluent in English just yet? Then, this article is exactly for you! At EDU Effective Business School, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Only a basic level of English is enough to study the programs at EDU Effective.

We have a great experience with students from all over the world, and so we know that the English language is often not a barrier even to those who do not consider English as their strong point.

Although the study takes place in English, due to the online environment, you can help yourself at any time. No one will rush you! Videos can be slowed down (or speed up) for easier understanding of the English language. You can also use online translators (as they contain English transcription of the text), dictionaries, English subtitles, etc.

We want you to be aware, that our programs are also prepared for students for whom English is not their first language. Moreover, you can choose English or any other language (Czech, German, etc.) of your choice for the written outputs. Don’t forget – taking notes supports the learning experience!

And after a while you will see that there are words that are often repeating as well, so you will understand the whole text even better. Work on your personal development and improve your language skills in the process!

The easiest way to learn English:
Study naturally, surround yourself with language so that it makes sense to you. Memorizing words and rules isn’t really fun, is it? Spend time doing things you love. The whole life is learning!


6 Simple Tips To Improve Your English Today


  • 1. Change the language on your phone and computer operating system to English. You can usually change the language under “settings”. Although it may be difficult to understand the first few days, you will learn new words in English without even realizing it.


  • 2. Read English articles or watch the news in English. You may already watch or read the news on a daily basis; now try doing it in English: BBC, CNN, or Google News. You will continue your “good’ habit of staying informed on what’s happening in the world and improve your English reading and/or listening at the same time.


  • 3. Listen to Music in English and learn the lyrics. Listening to music in English is great but do you struggle to understand all the words in a song? Struggle no more! You can find the lyrics of many songs on these two websites: A to Z Lyrics Universe, or you can search for the lyrics on google or your preferred search browser.


  • 4. Write a daily diary in English. Practice writing every day. Practicing English for five or ten minutes a day will certainly help a lot. Write about what you did each day in English, or you can try to write a story.


  • 5. Speak in English with someone. Try to find someone to speak English with; whether it is a friend, family member, or colleague from your work. The more you practice talking in English the better you will get at it. It will become more natural for you and you will start to feel less nervous when you have to speak English.


  • 6. Watch cartoons for kids. Watching cartoons is a great activity for learning English. You will hear simple English and be able to see illustrations or animation of what they are talking about at the same time. Cartoons are often repetitive, so you may hear some things more than once which helps you to improve your listening comprehension.


So, what action will you take today to practice your English?



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