Smarter, faster, more efficient: AI is reshaping how we live and work

How would it look if an intelligent assistant who never sleeps helped you with your daily to-do list? Artificial intelligence is gradually paving its way into our everyday lives—research from Global Marketing Insights even indicates that from 2023 to 2030, the AI retail market is expected to grow at an annual rate of up to 30%. It’s simply progress that we can’t stop. In this article, we’ll explore how to utilize artificial intelligence for planning at work and beyond, thus freeing up more time for ourselves. Who wouldn’t rather enjoy a warm cup of coffee without the unnecessary stress of writing lengthy emails, right? Let’s dive in.

AI will take my job… Where does the truth lie?

AI has become an integral part of many professions. It’s changing the workplace environment and bringing new opportunities—it increases productivity, optimizes workflows, and opens the doors to innovations in companies worldwide. Still, it can also help at home.

TIP: Artificial intelligence may automate up to two-thirds of jobs in the future. Not all positions will be replaced; instead, AI will complement them. This statistic comes from Goldman and Sachs.

We often hear concerns that AI will replace human workers. However, the reality is different. Instead, artificial intelligence complements human skills. And thanks to that, it frees up your hands for more complex or creative tasks. Imagine this: routine and time-consuming tasks can be handled by software—from responding to customer inquiries to data analysis. And what will you do? You can direct your energy towards developing new strategies, innovation, personal development, or spending time with your family.

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Basic principles of AI and its role in the work process

Where does AI help? For example, I can understand customer needs and enhance services and products. Are you a small business owner? Then this probably sounds familiar. In one person, you are a web developer, social media specialist, marketer, salesperson, accountant… And we could go on indefinitely. How can these technologies specifically help you grow your business?

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AI aids in customer service automation.

Artificial intelligence is on the front line of communication with customers. Instead of constantly responding to the same queries that land in your chat every day, let a chatbot handle this routine task. The chatbot can manage more than just the most frequent questions about your product or service; it can also book services or even provide personalized suggestions based on customer history. A good example is the chatbot from the employment portal COCUMA.

Are you recruiting new employees? AI saves time here too.

Today, you no longer need to analyze CVs and evaluate candidates according to predefined criteria manually. Artificial intelligence can speed up the candidate selection process, which you invite for the first interview round. It can also help define and draft job advertisements.

TIP: Spring Works presents the top 15 AI-powered tools for HR managers. Are you using some of them?

Marketing guru with few clicks

Marketing may not be your strong suit, and you can’t afford your marketer in the early stages of business. We get it. Artificial intelligence tools (like ChatGPT or Deeply) help you brainstorm and design marketing campaigns, SEO for your website, write blog articles, and even assist with social media copy. Just input the proper prompts, and you’re ready to roll.

It also helps personalize marketing messages and newsletters. As a bonus, based on historical data, it can predict trends and tailor strategies and offers before changes actually occur.

TIP: Not sure how to create content using artificial intelligence? Check out our other blog, which has spotlighted prompting in marketing.

Personalized learning and AI as your study buddy

Are you back at school? Artificial intelligence also serves excellently in the field of education. It helps students prepare for exams—just input your study materials into chatGPT, and it will start posing relevant questions you might encounter in oral or written exams. It also provides feedback.

And what next? AI helps with summaries from lessons or with taking notes. Educational platforms help adapt content to offer students relevant topics and customize the learning pace to their needs. That’s pretty cool, right?

Data, data, and more data…

Every manager knows how important it is to evaluate the performance of campaigns, businesses, or trends. Even here, AI saves the day. It gives managers advanced analytical tools to assess and predict future performances based on available data. And why is this good? It helps managers make informed and quality decisions and increases the company’s competitiveness.

AI helps manage households.

AI advising on time management isn’t entirely new, but did you know that it also helps manage family life? It can devise a meal plan for the whole week, including allergies and grocery lists. It can design a complete itinerary for a family vacation or help solve lengthy email responses that pile up in your inbox.

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