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Practical Educational Management

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Practical Educational Management 

  • Practical Educational management is one of the most important components of every organization, NGO, start.up or businessman and it reflects the quality of the organization‚Äôs management. Satisfied, effective and motivated employees represent one of the key factors of a¬†successful management of an organization.¬†

  • The Effective DBA - Practical Educational management program introduces learners to the many areas where educational management is present.¬†

  • After a¬†brief introduction to the origins and definitions of PEM, the focus is on recruitment and selection methods and procedures to not only support the effectivity of your team, but also the inclusion and diversity among members of your team.

  • In the next part of the program, within the Scientific-research¬†module I.-VI., the student will get acquainted with the procedure of dissertation preparation, research methods, writing and defense of the dissertation.

  • The last two modules are designed to complete, submit and defend the dissertation. The student chooses the topic of his dissertation from the field of study specialization.

  • Furthermore, each student is required to publish four professional articles and participate in at least three other activities (webinars/conferences). All the mentioned activities are mandatory and necessary for the successful completion of the studies.
  • Part of this specialization¬īs content are tips and information on steering approaches and work styles of successful company leaders, such as AirBnB, BuzzFeed, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz Company, Tesla, JetBlue, Danone, Alphabet, SC Johnson, Infor, IBM,¬†Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yum!, Carnival, Uber, Casper, Levi¬īs, Trivia and others.

Practical Educational Management
consists of 12 Modules

Effective DBA

1. Company learning and development program

Content includes: Organizational Learning and Development, Components of Effective Learning, Setting and Managing Realistic Expectations for Your L&D Program, Data-Driven Learning Design, Motivating Your Team to Learn, Tips for Learner Engagement, Creating a Culture of Learning, Boosting Your Team's Productivity, Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews, etc.

2. Training program development

Content includes: Gaining Internal Buy-In for Elearning Training, How to Design and Deliver Training Programs, Developing Managers in Organizations, Train the Trainer, Developing a Learning Mindset, etc.

3. Leadership program development and gamification

Content includes: Creating a Leadership Development Program, Measuring Learning Effectiveness, Developing a Learning Mindset, Learning How to Increase Learner Engagement, Gamification of Learning, etc.

4. How to build a professional training

Content includes: Build Your Own Professional Training: Quick Start Guide, Designing a Training Program: Setting Goals, Objectives, and Mediums, Training with Stories, Creating Fun and Engaging Video Training: The Why, Creating Fun and Engaging Video Training: The How, Using Humor In Training to Engage Your Audience, Using Neuroscience for More Effective L&D, Practical Success Metrics in Your Training Program, etc.

5. Diversity and inclusion

Content includes: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Developing a Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Program, Rolling Out a Diversity and Inclusion Training Program in Your Company, Diversity Recruiting, Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Enterprise, Skills for Inclusive Conversations, Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences, etc.

6. Scientific-research module I. - Research, Information literacy

Content includes: Literacy, Academic Research: Quantitative, Writing with Impact, etc.

7. Scientific-research module II. - Dissertation Writing I.

Content includes: Writing Case Studies, Writing a Research Paper, Writing a Strong Essay, Writing Articles, etc.

8. Scientific-research module III. - Dissertation Writing II.

Content includes: Writing in Plain English, Writing in Plain Language, Productivity Hacks for Writers, etc.

9. Scientific-research module IV. - Dissertation Writing III.

Content includes: Grammar Foundations, Advanced Grammar, Editing and Proofreading, etc.

10. Scientific-research module V. - Submission and evaluation of the dissertation

Content includes: In this module you submit your dissertation and the supervisor and the opponent will evaluate it. Successful evaluation is a condition for defending the dissertation.

11. Scientific-research module VI. - Dissertation defense preparation

Content includes: The aim of this module is your preparation for the presentation of a dissertation at the online presentation before a Board of Examiners.

12. Dissertation defense

Content includes: The last step of a successful DBA study is an online defense of your dissertation and answer all the questions before the Board of Examiners.

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"The course materials are very beneficial, and the approach is practical, which makes it easy to learn."
Yulisar Ganda Putra, DBAProject Specialist
"This program is not about theory, but about the practical experience of experts in the field. The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business."
Ing. Jan StraҰek, MBAEngineer and Sales Manager at ҆koda Auto Dealership
"I'm really excited. The program is great for people who are very busy. It will help you broaden your view. Don't hesitate, you will be as excited and satisfied as I am."
Leo Dvorak, LL.M.PR Manager