DBA Effective Online

100 % Online.  12 months or less. 15 mins per day. Tuition of €2.495. Scholarships. Charity.

Obtain DBA degree certificate

Graduates will receive a professional DBA degree certificate plus international IES certificate

Boost your professional career

Take your business and personal career growth to the next level

Start Networking

Connect with people around the world


DBA program at EDU Effective Business School

100 % online

Knowledge picked from the endless possibilities of online world and video courses

  • Receive Professional DBA Diploma
  • Learn from Industry Leaders
  • Take Your Business Knowledge to the Next Level
  • You can start to study immediately

15-mins a day

Revolutionary method based on scientifically-backed microlearning


  • 12 months or less
  • 100% flexible and convenient
  • Up-to-date online program
  • 12 modules = 12 certificates

DBA Tuition Plans

TUITION was decreased to 16,7 % until May 2021, to help students due to COVID-19

EDU Effective donates up to €179 for each student who has completed his studies to charity

DBA Twelve Monthly Installments Tuition Plan
12 x €299
12 x €255
twelve monthly installments (excl. VAT)
€3.060 excl. VAT for the whole DBA program

DBA Program Details

Benefits & Features

Get It Done 100% Online
15 Mins Per Day


Twelve Modules
Two Scholarships
International Community
Self-paced learning
Don't wait for beginning - start now
Your study helps charity



Effective DBA consists of daily short lessons which follow the principles of microlearning. This way it is easy to find time every day, maintain focus and learn only what you really need.

How does the Effective DBA work?

The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business using real-world examples and examples of American professionals in modern marketing."
Ing. Jan StrašekEngineer and Sales Manager at Škoda Auto Dealership

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