6 ways AI can help you prepare for an interview

We are entering an era where artificial intelligence is not just a fascinating technological novelty but a massive assistant, especially in automation, social networks, and project management. The HR management sector is no exception. Business Solutions reports that 86.1% of recruiters use AI tools to expedite selection.

In 2024, artificial intelligence is more than just a trend; it’s a tool that can help you land your dream job. How? You could involve it in your interview preparations. In this article, we will present 6 specific ways to do that.

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1. Chat GPT as a Personalized Interview Simulator

Forget scrolling through the questions and answers you find on the internet. Chat GPT is more efficient in this regard.

  • It generates practical questions to train your answers from the comfort of your home.
  • Offers various approaches to your responses; you can react to one question multiple times, each differently.
  • It helps tailor answers to your specific experiences and skills.
  • Formulate responses that best represent you.
  • Provides feedback and constructive criticism.

With its help, you can simulate various interview situations, from common questions to industry-specific scenarios. Its benefits also include broadening your perspective and boosting your confidence.

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2. From Generic Answers to Storytelling

Candidates who can present their experiences as a story easily stick in the memory of recruiters. AI tools can help identify key moments in your career and turn them into compelling stories.

  • Chat GPT: Optimizes responses to various interview situations.
  • Interview simulator: Offers virtual interviews with AI, providing strategic advice to enhance your responses.
  • Voomer: Records your answers, analyzes them, and helps improve them.

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3. AI as Your Mirror

Body language speaks louder than a thousand words. These tools help analyze the gestures you use during speech. Just record a video mimicking an actual interview, and you’re set.

  • HireVue: Assesses nonverbal signals and offers constructive criticism and feedback on your facial expressions, gestures, and overall presentation.
  • Orai: Analyzes verbal and nonverbal communication skills, providing practical advice to enhance your speech and presentation.
  • Extensive Interview: Records your practice interview videos and provides AI-based feedback, including assessments of nonverbal elements.

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4. Personal Stylist or AI?

Before you start to speak, your outfit leaves a first impression. Considering current fashion trends, AI applications can generate suitable clothing styles based on the industry and your preferences, skin tone, and body shape.

  • Stitch Fix: Utilizes AI algorithms for personalized styling recommendations.
  • Metail: Creates a 3D model of your body to try various clothing combinations online.
  • Thread: Combines AI with personal stylists for customized clothing based on your style, budget, and specific event requirements.
  • Le Tote: Offers clothing rental for special occasions, with AI helping choose the perfect fit.

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5. How’s Your Pronunciation? AI Can Help Here, too

Need help with answers, feeling nervous, or uncomfortable speaking in public? These skills can be trained, and applications with interactive exercises can help improve your speech, eliminate filler words, and refine intonation.

  • SpeechAce: Recommends suitable exercises to enhance pronunciation and intonation.
  • Orai: Provides detailed speech analysis, offering advice on reducing filler words and improving speech pace and clarity.
  • LikeSo: Offers specific exercises to eliminate speech quirks like stuttering or long pauses.
  • Speeko: Approaches speech training comprehensively, covering fluency in public speaking, with AI analysis providing practical improvement tips.

And here are a few tips to end with: Practice regularly, take feedback to heart, and work on yourself.

TIP: 66% of business owners believe that AI has incredible benefits in employee recruitment, according to DDI-EV in 2023.

6. Mock Interviews

We briefly touched on mock job interview simulations at the beginning of this article. In some cases, Chat GPT can help, while other AI tools simulate interviews realistically.

  • My Interview Practice: Allows practice job interviews, suggesting question types to develop communication skills.
  • InterviewBuddy: Combines AI and video technology, offering users a mock interview with professionals.
  • Pramp: Provides interview practice for junior positions with AI support.
  • Voomer: Specializes in video interviews, allowing users to record answers to common interview questions and receive feedback from artificial intelligence.

What to take away from this? Choose a suitable platform or app; repetition is the mother of skill. Dedicate time to rehearse and practice questions, incorporating the feedback provided by the AI tool.

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