EDU Effective Expanding To the USA

EDU Effective, z.s., Czech Republic, EU; after successfully entering the market this year and gaining more than 800 students from 46 world countries in the last five months, EDU Effective accelerated its plans for foreign expansion and founded the American EDU Effective Business School.

As emphasized by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDU Effective and EDU Effective Business School, Dr. Pavel Makovsky: “The expansion into the United States makes EDU Effective Business School a global player in the field of online education for adult students. Due to the high quality of the practical benefits of the study and a great price, we enable the education of employed students from all over the world without debt.

This connection brings several immediate benefits to students:

1) Collective professional (thanks to EDU Effective, Czech Republic, EU) and American University (thanks to EDU Effective Business School, USA) online educational programs, means that successful graduates will receive a professional and academic degree.

2) From September 15th to existing MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs, LL.M. (Master of Laws) and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) we will bring other programs such as MSc. (Master of Science), MPA (Master of Public Administration), LL.D. (Doctor of Laws), DPA (Doctor of Public Administration), Ed.D. (Doctor of Education), and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

3) In addition from October 15th, 2021, MBA and DBA students will be able to choose new specializations in Business Analytics or Business Intelligence.

4) During the autumn of 2021, we will offer the opportunity to study not only complete programs but also over 60 individual courses.

5) All students of MBA, MSc., MPA, DBA, DPA, Ed.D. will be students of both EDU Effective, Czech Republic, EU, and EDU Effective Business School, USA.

6) Thanks to other specializations, LL.M. and LL.D. his degree and diploma from EDU Effective, Czech Republic, EU. Ph.D. then from EDU Effective Business School, USA.

7) The Board of Trustees is made up of experts and academics from the EU and the US and thus contributes to the correct, successful, and practical direction of studies at EDU Effective and EDU Effective Business School.

CEO of both companies Dr. Jan Vlk adds: “We see great potential in the offered programs and our goal is to attract at least five thousand students from 90 countries in one year. In the next three years, twenty thousand students from all over the world. We also prepare other programs and specializations that respond to the current educational needs of students and the latest trends in professional and academic practice. ”

Thanks to this cooperation, students will retain the existing benefits of online microlearning studies at EDU Effective such as:

  • Gaining new knowledge and skills for immediate application in practice.
  • Networking – sharing experiences, mutual motivation, and support with other students and graduates within the international community EDU Effective Alumni.
  • High quality of all programs – We use and will continue to use many content sources (videos, eBooks, audiobooks, and more), which brings students the best and most up-to-date in key areas. Both within the compulsory content of the study and the recommended and bonus materials.
  • Unbeatable price, thanks to maintaining the non-profit principle of education.
  • Possibility of obtaining a scholarship within the Graduate Career Growth Scholarship in case of completion of studies on time in the amount of up to € 198 (5% of the tuition fee).
  • EDU Effective will continue to donate an additional 5% of the cost of study to charities on behalf of and at the choice of students, supporting charities around the world.
  • Micro-certificates were obtained during the study, confirming the fulfillment of individual thematic parts of the program.
  • Diploma and transcript after graduation.
  • The International Certificate of the International Education Society (IES) and the International Certificate Institute (ICI) prove the acquired competencies.
  • The academic partner of the programs continues to be the American LIGS University with more than sixteen years of tradition in online adult education.
  • Students also receive bonuses for their further personal development worth more than 1,300 EUR (additional courses, access to a video library with more than 16,000 videos, to more than 2,500 eBooks and audiobooks, etc.).
  1. Christian says:

    Good news. Hopeful this will go further to have Edu Effective achieving accreditation by the U.S. DEAC (Distance Learning Accreditation Council) as this will be a great milestone.

    • Kate, EDU Effective Team says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for your support! Good idea, anyway, we are receiving ASIC accreditation ( soon :).

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