Inspiring, innovating, educating. 2023 interview with the founder of EDU Pavel Makovsky.

Pavel Makovsky

Is your goal this year to start your business? Make your dreams come true? Or only keep yourself on the go with a little motivation? Either way, our spectacular article is all that. We had a few questions for our founder Pavel Makovsky we were dying to know. And now, it’s here! He was so kind to answer all of them with his passion and enthusiasm about his work.

  1. What has inspired you to create such a unique school?

“The main inspiration for EDU Effective was to offer working adults interested in personal and professional development the opportunity to combine their time-consuming work and personal lives and to deliver quality educational content in the most effective way for them. That’s why we chose the micro-learning format.”

 “Short learning blocks that they can fit into their calendar, take their time and create a long-term habit. We bring great, up-to-date content from the wonderful online world that they can use immediately in their practice, so they can continuously improve and work on themselves. And last but not least, our training programs are effective in helping not only students but also charities and philanthropies, as we donate a portion of the tuition fees to help those who have been less fortunate in life and deserve help, be it charities and philanthropic organizations or specific projects, always of our alumni’s choice.“

“The creation of EDU Effective was made possible by our experience and knowledge of online education for adult learners gained over the last fifteen years or so, and we are very pleased that we have been able to translate this into the great project that EDU Effective is and will continue to be.”

  1. What are you most proud of about this project?

“It’s amazing to see how much interest there is in our programs around the world. This is evidenced by the nearly four thousand students from 89 countries around the world.

I am proud of the EDU Effective Business School team, they are great people without whom the project would not have come into being, evolved and improved our programs, specializations and processes to bring the most to our students. Furthermore, I am proud of our students, their interest, and involvement in the feedback we work with to improve ourselves.”

“We are constantly working on new topics to add to our offerings as time goes on, the creation of an Alumni Program, a networking system, and other areas to help students and alumni be more successful and satisfied in their careers and lives.”

“And I’m also proud of how many students and alumni recommend our programs to their colleagues, friends and family members, which is a great testament to the fact that we offer interesting, quality and beneficial programs. On the other hand, it’s also a great commitment to stay the course and continuously improve, which is the best motivation for future work.”

  1. Did EDU Effective make your wishes come true?

“Absolutely. The combination of effective microlearning adult education, up-to-date content and great student service has been proven to work and help students achieve their goals and dreams. I am proud of the student feedback and their positive acceptance of the learning. It’s a great feeling.”

“The same was a great feeling and experience at the EDU Effective graduation ceremony last year in Vienna. It was amazing to see the pride and enthusiasm of the successful graduates, their family members and friends who gathered for the occasion. Being able to talk to them and share their success together.” 

  1. How would you evaluate this past year, which is the second year of EDU Effective?

“The year 2022 was a great year for EDU Effective and for me personally. We have prepared and implemented many innovations, worked on improvements in our offer and internal processes. Thanks to the interest in our programs, we were able to support philanthropy and charity with more than XX thousand EUR. We recruited a record number of students and volunteers to help us fulfill our mission of helping students and alumni. We have many ideas for how to continue to improve and will be working to implement them this year.”

5.What is your main goal for EDU in 2023? 

“Our main goals for this year are to continue to improve our offerings, we are developing new programs focusing on areas such as artificial intelligence, ethical hacking and many more. We are preparing a mobile app that will improve the student experience. We are preparing networking opportunities for students and alumni to share their experiences, make new friendships and thus develop and help each other. Similarly, we are planning to organize offline meetups that will be hosted by our students and alumni. We will be hosting several graduation ceremonies just related to networking get-togethers. We will start organizing management conferences on current topics, roundtables and we are working and will work on other projects improving the benefit and value of the study for our students and alumni. We are working on additional certifications and accreditations as an endorsement of the quality of our offerings.”

“I am very much looking forward to 2023 as we once again take EDU Effective many steps forward.”

  1. What is the ultimate vision of EDU Effective?… Let’s say in 10 years from now.

“EDU Effective was founded with the aim of making a long-term impact in the field of adult vocational education. EDU Effective’s vision is to continue to offer great value education and development at the lowest possible cost. To enable as many adults as possible from all over the world to work on and improve themselves. To ensure that our offer is in as many languages as possible and that we are up to date with the needs of a rapidly changing world. And we do this with up-to-date topics, networking opportunities, HR advice for better employment and placement of our students and graduates, so they can continue to work on themselves after graduation, not only at EDU Effective, but anywhere else. It takes continuous personal development and education that the best employment is guaranteed and that we can prepare ourselves for the current and future challenges that we expect. Whether it is the emerging artificial intelligence, the need for new professions, etc.”

“I believe that we will succeed and EDU Effective will help to better the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands of students and graduates, creating a great and collaborative community that will help and motivate each other.”

  1. Imagine, we are 10 years back in time. What would you think about where you are at right now? 

“The idea of microlearning education was born many years ago and I am glad that the development of technology has finally allowed us to implement this idea. But to be honest, I would not have thought ten years ago that there would be such a great and deep interest in this kind of education. It’s amazing how adults and time consumed people want to work on themselves and keep developing. For that, I wanna give a huge thank you and appreciation to everyone.”

  1. Have you always wanted to be in the education industry?

“I see adult education and personal development as a key area for the success of individuals, companies and the world. That is why, for example, I graduated from college while working, earned a doctorate in adult education, and have dedicated my entire professional life to education. Whether in my time working in various positions in banking, government, or educational institutions such as LIGS University and EDU Effective.

I see my contribution to students, alumni and the community in development education and I find this field very enjoyable, motivating and fulfilling.”

  1. What has this project taught you so far?

“Not only has this project taught me, and continues teaching me, the importance of whom you surround yourself with. It’s the team of great people working in EDU Effective that I would like to thank the most, because without them we could not have come so far and invented and implemented innovations and incremental improvements in all areas of EDU Effective. 

The big challenge was and is also how to collaborate effectively not only offline but also remotely, as we have colleagues from all over the world, in different countries, different time zones. But it’s the diversity of experiences, knowledge, and cultures that brings so much to the table and is great for our students. Because we are not limited by anything else but ourselves.”

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration and motivation to keep going every day?

“My biggest inspiration and motivation are my colleagues at EDU Effective, our students, alumni and partners. Because I see their interest in improving and there is nothing better than doing work that is meaningful and makes a real difference. It’s a great feeling and I wish everyone could experience it.”

We are blown away. We loved learning about Pavel’s perspectives and thoughts. It’s such a pleasure he shared them with the world and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we did. If you have any questions, always reach us out at

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